Friday, May 29, 2009

Adidas Warehouse 'Siao'

It's Friday morning and I went to work as usual without realizing that it was the first day of the Adidas Warehouse Sale at Atria Shopping Centre near my office. When I reached the office area, it was around 10:15am. The traffic volume was unusually high and there were cars coming from all direction out of nowhere. I started to look for parking as I am using the MBPJ monthly pass which allows me to park at any parking bay under MBPJ.

As I made rounds looking for parking, the traffic was at a standstill on and off and I was stuck in the stupid jam on and off too. Some cars had even started to 'tripple parked' on the 1-way lane around the shops surrounding the Atria Shopping Centre building or illegally along the roadside. To make the condition worse, there were some idiots who drove against the way on the 1-way lane, almost causing deadlock to the jam. It was horrendous!

Having sore throat and empty stomach, hungry and thirsty, I was so pissed off and frustrated and kept cursing in my car. Don't these people need to work or they purposely took leave for the warehouse sale?! Please leave if there's already no parking and don't contribute to worsening the jam!

Boss was on leave, I got to be in the office in case there's any urgent matter that needed to be attended to. I left my notebook charger in the office and the battery of my notebook had already gone flat. Else I would have chosen to get the hell of of this place and go back to work from home.

I continued searching for parking but still to no avail and it's almost 12pm!!! I left for SS2 for lunch. When I came back, I finally managed to find 1 bloody parking around 1:25pm after making rounds and rounds!

This is insane! I spent more than 2 hours looking for parking to get to my office! Half of my day was gone and wasted just like that! I could have reached Ipoh already with the amount of time spent!

Who said the economy is no good? Hordes of people came out from the sale with big bags and small bags in their hands as if they didn't need to pay for what they bought. These people willingly got stuck in the jam, parked their cars illegally and haphazardly, queued up for hours to get in to the sale venue and queued up for hours again to pay. A friend even went twice to this Adidas Warehouse Sale. He gave up the absurdly long queue in his fisrt attempt and returned about 2 hours later only to find out that the sale was 'nothing much' in his second attempt. Well, you can never imagine how 'siao'(crazy) some people can be when it comes to warehouse sale!

What a Friday day thanks to this Adidas Warehouse 'Siao'(Sale)!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day Less Spicy

I am down with sore thoat. Ouch!

I have quite high endurance on physical pain. The real pain I am experiencing now is not so much on the soreness of the throat but the pain of not being able to eat spicy food in order to avoid aggravating and prolonging my sore throat condition.

When it comes to eating, having something spicy is almost a daily affair, be it sambal belacan, chili padi or at least something spicy.

I was supposed to go to see doctor this morning before going in to the office. Unfortunately, I realised that my wallet was just left with RM3 which is not even enough to pay the RM5 co-payment at the panel clinic. To save the hassle of making a big detour to withdraw money before heading to the clinic, I changed my plan to only visit the doctor during lunch or after work.

When I reached the office, I had a cup of plain Milo 'kao' with a few pieces of biscotti from La Manila for breakfast. Breakfast was safe, spice free. Hehe...

A friend was coming over to look for me for an impromptu lunch. Considering my throat condition, obviously I had to eat something not spicy and indirectly it would normally equal to something plain which would not satisfy my taste bud. Friend asked what I wanted to eat. I told him I am having sore throat and threw him back the question. I was cracking my head on what to eat and the seafood noodle from 潮州铭 (Chiu Chow Ming in Cantonese) at SS2, which is famous for its seafood porridge and noodle crossed my mind! Yes, this is me, won't forget about good food though having sore throat. LOL!

Off we went, heading to the shop. Friend had Shark Fin Seafood Meesua (1 of the famous dishes there) and I had my Mixed Seafood Clear Soup Meehoon. We ordered another plate of Mango Kerabu for sharing. My seafood soup was rich and tasted heavenly with fresh seafood and ingredients such as prawn, squid, fish, fishball, minced pork, seaweed, veggie, and crunchy fried garlic as topping. Yummy! Too bad, no food pic this round. I was too busy eating and too lazy to take pic though I had my camera with me... and now I regret. LOL! Guess what, I just couldn't resist and took a little bit of Sambal Belacan. Yes, A LITTLE BIT ONLY, probably 1/3 of the pathetically half filled small saucer. This is really nothing compared to my normal consumption. Conclusion - Lunch with a little bit of Sambal Belacan, super low intake to satisfy the craving for it and to feel bad less. Eat Sambal first, see doctor later! LOL!

I went to see doctor after lunch before heading back to office.

It's dinner time, I had Kai Lan fried with Roast Pork (Kan Lai Chow Siew Yook). It was so delicious! I was so tempted to add in some Chili Padi but I managed to resist doing so. Phew! Dinner was safe from anything spicy!

Not bad, I have survived a 'less spicy' day, but my throat is still sore. Hope I can have '0' spicy food intake tomorrow. I hope so... :P

How Are Ya?

It's been a long long hiatus since I last blogged. What have I been up to? Well, long story cut short, life goes on and I am back. :)

Received a message from a friend in FB. The message ended with "How are ya?". I pondered for a long while on how to answer this question. It's supposed to be a very simple question, isn't it? what took me so long to answer such a simple question? Well, as we grow older, this very simple question is not that simple to answer anymore...

Very often, when we are asked this question, to be polite, we tend to answer it with the programmed set of standard answers such as 'I am good', 'I am fine' or 'I am OK' in a very surface manner, when the people asking are not so close to us. Are we really that good, fine or OK? Sometimes, what we answer might not be the true answer.

On the contrary, when I am asked this question by people closer to me, I would be more honest. It really makes me think: Where to begin, what should I tell and how should I answer...

I wonder if you feel the same when you are asked the same question. Or, is it just me who is thinking too much and making thing complicated? I wonder...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Food Overdosed, So So Full!

Today is Chap Goh Meh, the 15th and the last day of Chinese New Year. Am glad that CNY has finally come to an end.

Never thought that I would be eating excessively during this CNY. In fact, I had been eating moderately during the first 7 days of CNY back in hometown to avoid feeling disgusted eating the same CNY dishes almost everyday. No, I don't have any weight issue and neither do I need to control my eating to avoid gaining some extra weight. I was born to be skinny and it's something in the gene. :)

Somehow, when I was back to work, I had a round of office Lou Sang ala Thai at Kinarree, a Thai restaurant located at Jaya One, Section 13, Petaling Jaya. The food was not bad generally but not to be rated as excellent. I am not really a fan of Yu Sang, but I must say that their Salmon Yu Sang, comprising mainly veggie and fruit (pomelo, find it quite special) without any coloured ingredients was good. I love the dish.

After the Lou Sang session, I thought that's it and there would be no more CNY gluttony. Well, thing didn't seem to be the way I expected it to be when some unplanned and impromptu dinners with friends came up.

Went to Jaya One again with 2 friends on Saturday for dinner. After walking around, exploring the food options available there, we settled for Fire BBQ Steamboat buffet since they was promotion. It's buffet style, I quite enjoyed the first round of food and we ordered another round of it.

As we continued eating, we started to feel full and were struggling hard to stuff ourselves with the food in order to finish it. Fortunately, there were fire performances by a macho tattoed guy at intervals and we took a break to peep at the performances as we were sitting quite a distance from the stage.

We struggled really hard and we finally managed to finish the food. I don't take beef, hence the 2 guys had no choice but to finish the excessive beef balls while I handled the pork balls. I was full till dropped and kept burping. It's an eating session with meat balls overloaded till our faces also looked a bit like meat balls! LOL! Think I am probably not gonna have any meat ball for the next 3-6 months! We then adjourned to have coffee to get rid of of the meat ball taste lingering in our mouths. Haha :D

I was so full and felt very bloated till I couldn't really sleep that night. Aftermath was I had constipation the next day as a result of eating too much and too full!

It was Sunday afternoon, I initially planned to just rest at home but another dinner appointment just got set via MSN with an ex-colleague whom I have not met for quite some time. We decided to have dinner at Sushi Zaimai at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

There were only 2 of us but we actually ordered and ate quite a lot. Pictures below are only showing some of the food we ate. We had Tofu and Chawamushi too. I was feeling so so full again on Sunday night!

What a weekend of excessive gluttony! I was so so so full, 2 nights in a row!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prayer Of The Night

Doreme (name altered) is a Filipino SAP professional that I had placed in a consulting firm in Malaysia back in end 2004. Leaving his family and friends back home, he took up the opportunity and came to Malaysia to work.

Time really flies, 4 years have passed and it's coming to the 5th year for him working abroad, away from family and friends.

Had a short chat with him in YM this evening while I was still in the office. Below is part of the conversations.

Doreme: hi, happy new year!
Me: hi, happy new year to u too!
Doreme: how are u?
Me: am good.
Me: so are things getting better after xxx bought over yyy? another one to follow soon, right? your contract renewed?
Doreme: yes, things are better. am in US now.
Me: great.
Me: which part of US?
Derome: east coast
Me: r u gonna be based there for long?
Doreme: got visa for 3 years.
Me: so u spent your x'mas in US?
Doreme: nope, i was back to the philippines. i fly back every 6 weeks.
Me: time really flies. how old are your kids now?
Doreme: 4 & 6. my son is diagnosed with ASD, have to work hard to send him for theraphy...

Knowing ASD as a disease name but not entirely sure what it is, I politely asked further.

Me: Sorry to hear this. Mind me asking what is the full term for ASD?
Doreme: Autism Spectrum Disorder

The medical term of Autism Spectrum Disorder is something new to me. I quickly checked it out at

Me: I am so sorry to hear this...
Doreme: pray for me... if you do... add my son in...
Me: ok

Lost for words for a moment... I could deeply feel his pain as a father and his love for his son. He's been working abroad for the betterment of his family (I assume) apart from gaining overseas working exposure and he has to now continue working hard abroad (for the money) for this new reason. Thank god for what he is having is quite a niche skill with demand and quite some overseas opportunities with rather good pay. Knowing that I got to respond or at least say something positive, I continued.

Me: stay strong.
Doreme: thanks. am staying strong.

Me: may the force be with you and your son...

So, I took it as a promise to pray for Doreme tonight. I am a free thinker and I do not know what's the best to pray for and the best way to word my prayer but I am trying my best here to fulfill my promise.

Tonight, I sincerely pray that:
1. Doreme's son will recover asap
2. Things will be fine and may the force be with Doreme, his son and his family
3. Doreme's prayer will be answered

I hope my prayer will be heard.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spring in Aus 2008

It's been a long hiatus. Went Aussie for 2 weeks holidays 2 months ago. Left my mind in Melbourne and am suffering from the remaining of the withdrawal syndrome.

It was an impromptu decision that had brought me to Melbourne and Sydney in Spring 2008. The route of PJ->Singapore->Darwin->Melbourne->Sydney->Melbourne->Darwin->Singapore->PJ encompassed 3 countries, 5 cities and 5 airports. Quite statistical though it was only a 16-day journey.

It always makes me wonder, how far can the distance be between 2 people? How far is far and how near is near? At times, it's so near yet so far and so far yet so near...

It's Spring
It's spring time. I smelled it and felt it everywhere. All the flowers were so beautiful and in their full bloom. The trees and the grass were so green. The invigorating and cooling wind (chilling for me sometimes) under the hot sun and clear blue sky was bringing the best out of the spring weather in Aussie. It was wonderful roaming around the relaxing city of melbourne in spring.

St Kilda Beach - Loving It
Like St Kilda Beach very much. It's such a calming, peaceful and relaxing beach. A nice stroll by the beach embraced by the invigorating wind, a cup of nice coffee and the breakfast at Little Blue, St Kilda Pier, and the tranquil moment was the best time spent there. Found out that XW who went there somewhen in March also shares the same feeing on this beach - just loving it!

New Discovery
Discovered the same great voice - Joanna Wang in both Singapore and Melbourne from the trip. Love her voice, love her songs. Immediately bought her CD when I was back. Each time I listen to her songs, the good time and memories in melbourne linger in my mind...

The Desire
It felt great to have entirely left everything behind, care not where I am from and just keep going, enjoying every scenery along the way, setting myself free and breathing in the air of freedom. The thought and desire to leave everything behind to begin my journey to see the world started to linger again...

The happiest thing about the trip was to be able to meet up with some people that I don't get to see often at a city so far away from home. It doesn't really matter where we went, it's the time spent together that matters more. Well, after bidding adieu, it's time to miss them again and look forward to the next meet up.

For every step I took, every place I went, I was in moments of thought in the wonderland very naturally. Had been thinking and wondering a lot during the trip, and having new thoughts and decisions.

Gone were the good times that did not last long, as always. Distance and everything are back to the original position. Back to reality, what's left is the feeling of lost...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Merdeka Day with Love-Hate

When I was drafting this post, National day was just 2 days away. As I was driving home on that night in a crawling traffic in the drizzle, the word 'love-hate' crossed my mind and was registered to best describe my mixed feeling towards our country at this juncture, in conjunction with the 51st Merdeka Day.

Strategically located geographically, full of natural resources and almost free of natural disasters, this is the blessed piece of land where I was born and where my ancestors had set foot on and rooted.

Clear blue sky, coconut trees, hibiscus, kampung houses, beaches, rivers, tropicana fruits, loads and loads of awesomely delicious local foods and drinks, and the authentic smile and laughter of the people are probably some of the symbolic things that paint the picture of the nostalgic Malaysia in those good old days. This piece of beautiful land has given us loads of very unique Malaysian memories as we grew up.

When I was a kid, whenever there were Badminton matches between China and Malaysia, be it Thomas Cup or any other tounaments, I would naturally cheer for the Chinese players, ironically. It was probably the influence from my dad, who is more patriotic towards China comparatively, as my late grandparents were from China.

From the recent Beijing Olympics opening, I discovered that dad's heart is still more towards China, which caught me a little bit in surprise but on a second thought it's understandably not that surprising. Though dad was extremely sleepy, he waited till the China contingent to march in to the Bird's Nest Stadium and he sang along enthusiastically when the national anthem of the People Republic of China was played! I can't really recall if I've ever heard him sing the Negaraku in front of me but can clearly remember hearing him sing the national anthem of China more than once. Of course, he did sing the Negaraku on offical occasions but not in front of me. Well, when the people love the country but the country doesn't them in return... You know...

As I grow older, I started to be 'clearer' of my identity and feel proud to be a Malaysian. Patriotism started to grow within me. I love my country, that's where I was born and bred with lots of unique fond memories, with my dearest family and friends around.

When I entered university, the first thing that I was exposed to was injustice in student intake under the quota system and hostel allocation. Everything is not based on qualification but 'kulitfication'. While some friends scored straight As in STPM just to be denied an entry to University of Malaya, the uni and course of their choices, some people who got shitty results and didn't even deserve a place in uni were everywhere in the local universities. Nothing much has changed till today. Pissed and disappointed, these friends left the country to study in Singapore and have become doctors there and would never want to come back.

Over the years, when I get exposed to more and more realities that really bite and hurt, I am getting more and more pissed off and disappointed with the country, should say the morons in power to be more exact.

With rocketing crime rate, worsening economy, inflation, continuous brain drain, severe corruption, injustice, racism, one after another ridiculous political dramas and a lot more saddening situations, our beloved country has been turned into a very sorry state. Am even comtemplating to leave... So, don't get surprised if I tell you I am leaving one day.

I didn't find any reason and meaning to celerate the national day. Even Anwar's political come back into the parliarnment wasn't a strong enough reason. We, the people want something more, an entire change for the betterment of the country! Will that really happen on 16 Sep? I wonder...

It's a Merdeka with a love-hate mixed feeling. I didn't even bother to read or follow any news about the celebration. The only thing that I felt happy about on 31 Aug 2008 was a friend's wedding.